Life coaching

IMG_0892Where there is will, there’s a way! This expression has always played an important role in my life, partly because I was raised with it, but also because I made the experience myself.
“If you want something hard enough and try long enough to get it, you’ll eventually reach your goal.” This, for certain, is a possible scenario.
A lot of people though, experience that some factors coming along their way, can become heavy obstacles, which actually prevent them from reaching their goal.
After several years of study and experience, I learned how to handle and tackle these factors. It is my heartfelt wish to use this knowledge and help people to discover their full potential and find a way to reach their goals.

For whom?

I coach people who:

  • are eager to reach their goal(s)IMG_0913
  • feel they lack a sense, direction or goal in their life
  • want to set themselves a goal, but don’t know how to choose one and how to do it
  • feel stuck in a situation or aspect of their life and don’t know how to move forward
  • have ‘everything going for them’ but still feel empty or unsatisfied
  • need and want help to improve (certain aspects of) their life
  • are anxious and/or have panic attacks.

    Examples of goals: another job, (improving/letting go off) a relationship, losing 10 or 80 pounds, financial progress, feeling happier and more fulfilled, getting healthier, find out what job or study fits you best, passing for an exam, (excellent) sports performance.


As every person is unique, my coaching sessions are always individually shaped and fully adapted to my clients request.

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