Who is the coach?

Ellen Bakker, certified Law of attraction Life coach, master in Child Psychology and French, teacher, mentor, years of experience in top sport (while having diabetes since the age of seven), both as a member of the Dutch national table tennis team and as trainer/coach of teams taking part in the highest division.

To me it is most beautiful and fulfilling to help people become aware of their own power, so they can reach their full potential.






Some reactions:

I began my coaching sessions with Ellen on January 2016. At this time I suffered from severe panic attacks due to a recent break up and turnover in my life. Also, I was very unsatisfied with my job, feeling, as if I was in the wrong place.

To what concerns the panic attacks, I felt very powerless about it, thinking there was no remedy and that I basically had to live with them all my life.

During one session I mentioned it to Ellen and we decided to work on it. I was so desperate and eager to recover that I trusted Ellen completely.
Even if I was still doubtful after our session, I could instantly feel a relief. The following week, I gradually felt better day after day and had no panic attack ever since! What a gift! I am so grateful.

To what concerns my job situation, it completely changed. Ellens’ advices and methods shifted my angle of perception. As I changed my angle of perception, my feelings about my job also changed. Negative feelings were replaced by positive ones and I entered a place of gratefulness for where I work today.

The first thing I noticed about Ellen is, that she loves what she is doing.
This makes her sessions very professional, as she adapts her advices and methods to all the variety of concerns one may have. Every sessions is unique.
She has the ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, as her positive, joyful and loving attitude permeates every of her sessions and make it a light and relieving experience.
I’m very thankful for every session I had with her and recommend her most highly.

Konstanze Löffler, Paris

With only 2 coaching sessions from Ellen I made great process in my personal growth. Ellen has the talent and insight to help you with what you specifically need in that moment. With very good results! I am very grateful to her for her help.


No confidence left and terrified to fail my exams again. That’s what I was. After failing my exams for Havo, I completely lost faith in myself. I had worked so hard, how could I possibly not pass my exams!? Mrs. Bakker was my mentor at my new school and I told her my issues. She helped me overcome my fears. My grades improved and my self-confidence grew. Thanks to the great help and support of mrs. Bakker I passed my Havo exams and started my HBO with a very solid foundation.

Ruben Broers

Ellen was a very pleasant coach to me. In a loving and also fun way, she helped me gain a lot of beautiful insights and made me look at life in a different, more positive, way. She has a strong intuition and a ‘sharp’ mind. Due to these qualities, she is very good in helping me get to the core of an issue. I would absolutely recommand her.

Wil de Visser, Nieuw-Vennep