Diabetes coaching

Diabetes coaching

Next to Life coaching, I also provide diabetes coaching, meant for people like myself (for over 40 years), who have this disease.

No need to explain to (most) people with diabetes that it has a great impact on your life, and that sometimes a little help with that is no luxury.

To give you some examples of possibly diabetes related challenges:

  • acceptance and integration of the diabetes in your life
  • dealing with diabetes related stress and emotions
  • motivation to take good care of yourself
  • taking good care of yourself and respecting your own boundaries
  • dealing with prejudices, misunderstanding and ignorance
  • diabetes and work, studies, family and (top)sport

Of course diabetes coaching is a form of Life coaching, since your life is not or need not only evolve around the diabetes. If your diabetes is not what you need or want coaching on, but on other aspects of your life you think you do, than of course you are just as welcome. It is your call!

I did a HBO Course in Medical Basic Knowledge. I am not giving any medical advice though. That is a doctor’s job.